Concrete polishing

Diamond polished concrete flooring for your business or home, that's our specialty!

polissage de béton aux diamant

A solid expertise

Polissage béton Premium Inc. : Specialists in water-based polishing for concrete floors, in the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial fields. Our wet polishing technique for concrete floors is an art that very few companies offer and that we master to perfection.

Thanks to our competence in the field of concrete treatment for more than 20 years, we are able to offer you concrete polishing services that surpass all competition. With our expertise and our specialized equipment, all your projects are possible.

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The advantages of wet concrete floor polishing are numerous. The glossy finish increases the brightness of the room and gives it a sense of grandeur. The increased durability and inexpensive repairs make it a good long-term investment.

Wet polishing removes concrete dust which speeds up the job. The immediate use of the floor following the treatment is a main advantage, so you can have access to your space as soon as the work is finished. Easy maintenance without adding wax or sealant saves time and money.

Other services

Traitement au lithium du plancher de béton

Lithium treatment of concrete floors

Application de ciment auto-nivelant

Self-leveling cement application

Réparation de plancher de béton

floor repair

Meulage au diamant


Application de membrane d’étanchéité

Application of waterproofing membrane

Enlèvement de colle à céramique

Ceramic glue

Application et enlèvement de revêtement époxy

Epoxy coating application and removal

Polissage de terrazzo et de pierre naturelle

Terrazzo polishing and natural stone